Portable Hydro Power Turbine

Portable Hydro Power Turbine

Price: $390.00

Each river has rapid parts with a higher gradient .You can install a Submersible Generator
without having to build a dam or install piping. Submersible generator is a special
low-speed, high efficiency output turbine alternator . Hydro turbine can work in rapid
current without hose or small creeks with hose from 10 degree drop gradient. All what you
have to do is to fix turbine position by rope to tree or boulder. It can produce up to 200
watts power . The power unit made from hard impact plastic . Replacement propellers
are available in case of severe damage.

  • Specification :
  • Power turbine unit :
  • Alternator -low rpm PMA
  • Max power Voltage:14V 
  • Max power Current:14 Amp 
  • Water flow @ 196W :3.2 m/s 
  • impeller- 250mm diameter
  • Size: -D300mm x470mm
  • Weight - 3.1kg

We can supply Flexible hose 250mm in diameter, to boost power of water current .
Non-shorting charge control may be used for overcharge protection of batteries .
Generator can be run in 3 modes:

1.Load direct from generator ( no batteries required ,
recommended for 24 hours load operations).
2.Generator with Batteries runs in parallel
(only 1 set batteries required , recommended for part day load operations
3. For remote position from generator, load can operate from
batteries only and second set of batteries in charging
from generator( 2 sets of batteries required)

Orders can be placed on alluvialpacific@hotmail.com

phone contact +61 4 19157655

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